Ways to Beat the Heat While Camping in Florida this Summer: Part 2

July 29, 2021

Summer camping in Florida is one of the most fun outdoor activities you can do in our beautiful state. However, you have to have the right summer camping gear and know-how to stay cool during the blazing hot Florida summer days. So, here is part two of how to beat the heat while camping in Florida this summer:

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Beat the Heat While Camping in Florida: Part 2

  1. Avoid the Heat of the Day

Avoiding the sweltering Florida midday heat is one of the easiest ways to stay cool while camping in Florida this summer. Scheduling your rigorous activities for earlier or later in the day helps you avoid the scorching summer heat.

For instance, plan your more intensive activities before noon or after 4 PM. Those are usually the hottest parts of the day. Avoiding the midday heat also helps you keep clear of any late afternoon thunderstorms.

  1. Find a Shady Place to Camp

Scout out campgrounds that look like they offer plenty of shade and trees to keep away the harmful rays of the sun. Shade is essential during the hottest part of the day, and you definitely can never have too much of it.

Choosing a campground based on the amount of shade is a terrific way to beat the heat as shaded areas are 20-45 degrees F cooler than unshaded areas. A densely shaded lush campground coupled with an oceanic breeze takes the edge off during the hottest times of the day.

  1. Choose a Cool Tent 

Choose a tent with plenty of ventilation. Larger, low-quality tents often lack mesh windows and screens to allow airflow and often end up just as hot as a sweltering sauna.

For summer camping in Florida, pick a tent that has plenty of mesh for excellent air circulation. Plus, couple this well-ventilated tent with a portable camping fan to reap the benefits of a more refreshing camping experience.

  1. Take a Dip 

A midday dip in the water is one of the most straightforward ways to cool down from stifling Florida heat. Plan your outings around an afternoon beach or spring adventure to take advantage of the stunning and refreshing Florida beaches and historic springs.

The hottest time of the day is the best time to venture down to the beach or spring for an afternoon swim.

  1. Do Not Overwork Yourself 

Do not plan any strenuous activity during the hottest times of the day. The best time of day for intense undertakings is in the early morning or evening.

If you must do intensive activities during the afternoon, plan accordingly and anticipate any issues or emergencies that could arise from the heat.

  1. Monitor Your Health

Know your physical limitations and consider them when summer camping in Florida. Stay hydrated, do not push yourself, and make sure to take breaks whenever you need them.

If you start to feel overheated, take precautions like finding some shade, taking a swim, or cooling down any way possible.

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