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Three Adventurous Ways to Enjoy Fall

October 28, 2015

As the steamy summer days – and nights – begin to subside here in Florida. More people will emerge from their air-conditioned cocoons and venture outside. Even though the daylight hours are getting shorter, there’s plenty of time to savor a fall adventure. Continue reading to learn Adventurous Ways to Enjoy Fall!

Here are three popular fall activities to try this season:


About 40.1 million Americans went camping in 2013, spending an average of about 15 days outdoors. (According to the Outdoor Foundation’s 2014 American Camper Report.) While folks in northern climates enjoy the bulk of their camping in the summer, more Floridians take to the woods during and right after football season. These gatherings range from long-planned adventures to remote destinations to spur-of-the-moment trips to a local campground. Camping brings together family and friends in a more tranquil setting, or it can be a more strenuous test of outdoors skills. Either way, the experience is more enjoyable when you prepare and equip yourself with the right camping clothing and supplies.


Hunting has been an integral part of America’s history from the beginning, and today approximately 38 million Americans still hunt each year. Fall remains the most popular time to go hunting, as both deer and turkey are typically in season at this time. Hunters relish the opportunity to test their skills, provide food and pass down traditions to family. Shopping for hunting equipment is an activity that shouldn’t be taken lightly, so visit a reputable retailer with the knowledge to help you enjoy this pastime legally and safely.


In 2014, more than 38 million Americans went hiking. And with all of the beautiful options across the United States, it’s no wonder. Fall is a fantastic time to hike because the humidity and mosquitos of summer have subsided and you’re more likely to spot active wildlife during the welcoming cool of the mornings and evenings. Hiking remains a great way to challenge yourself and yet engage with your natural surroundings. In addition to enjoying the benefits of exercise – cardiovascular fitness – hikers don’t put their bodies through the same kind of pounding as some other aerobic activities.

Fall is a great transitional time of year. Get outside and enjoy it.