Take a Hike! Our Guide to the Best Food For Hiking

November 24, 2020

The best months of the year for hiking are here. The temperature has started to dip. Florida’s heat is no longer oppressive.

There are many reasons to add hiking to your list of hobbies. Beyond the many health benefits, hiking is also a fun adventure. Pair it with your other outdoor activities such as fishing or bird watching to experience nature in new parts of the state.

So, if you are looking to pick up hiking this Fall, we are here to help will all the necessities. This article will determine the best food for hiking. Now before you start packing your bags with our top choices, remember the dymanics of food being packed in your bag.

Make sure there is enough space in your backpack to hold these items, and choose durable foods. The last thing you want is to eat crumbs. Read on to see our top 5 choices for hungry hikers.

food for hiking

1) Beef Jerky

There is something inherently outdoorsy about beef jerky. It was originally created in the 1500s by the Quechua people of South America. The idea was to preserve meat so it wouldn’t spoil on long journeys.

As such, jerky is an excellent snack to bring along on hikes. It’s full of protein to give you the energy for longer hikes.

Furthermore, it’s lightweight and small enough to pack in your kit without bogging you down. The only time you will notice it is when you are noshing on it.

2) Trail Mix

It’s all in the name, folks. Trail mix is a top choice for hikers. Trail mix was invented to nourish outdoors enthusiasts on their adventures.

Made with nuts, dried fruit, and candy, trail mix hits all the elements for a proper energy jolt. Depending on how its made, the mix has protein, antioxidants, and sugar.

Furthermore, trail mix is dry and will stay good in any climate. So, if your hiking trip is several days, the mix will keep the entire journey.

Consider making your own trail mix for your hiking adventures. This will save you money and allow you to customize the blend to your liking. There are dozens of recipes to follow or you can create your own. With a custom mix, you will no longer have to toss all the raisins to the birds.

3) Cheese and Crackers

Because it won’t keep as long as some of these other items, cheese is better to eat early on your hikes. Harder cheeses fair better than softer ones which can spoil quicker due to a higher moisture content.  Having said that, cheese and crackers are a perfect option for hikers. The cheese is full of calories and calcium.

Cheese and crackers is a crowd-pleasing snack if you are hiking with multiple people. Think about pairing this hiking food with beef jerky for an impromptu meal. When packing crackers, be sure to protect them from getting crushed, or consider alternative like pita bread.

4) Peanut Butter Apples

Apples are a durable fruit which pairs well with peanut butter and the previously mentioned cheese.  To save on having to clean a knife, you can use a refillable squeeze tube to dispense the peanut butter. Peanut butter apples are a great salty sweet snack.

5) Energy Bars

A final suggestion for hiking food is energy bars. There are dozens of different options on the market, but they all pretty much provide the same effect. Loaded with protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals, these will hit the spot.

Energy bars contain everything a hiker will need to maintain their energy. Moreover, energy bars are wrapped so they will keep fresh and not make a mess if jostled around in your backpack.

Stock Up on Food for Hiking Before Your Adventure

These are a few ideas of the top food for hiking. They provide the energy for long treks and have the packability to keep your kit light. Try one or try them all on your next adventure.

If you enjoyed this article, check out our guide for the top spots to hike in Florida. Just remember to bring the snacks.