paddleboarding equipment

Paddle To The Metal: 3 Tips For Beginner Paddle Boarders

June 4, 2018

If you love being around, on or in the water, then you must try paddleboarding. Visit just about any body of water – ocean, bay, river or lake – and you’re likely to find someone on the water with little more than a paddle, a board and a PFD. Paddleboards provide a closer connection to […]

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Why the length of your SUP paddle is important

September 17, 2015

Stand-up paddleboarding may look easy, and really it is. Balance on a board. Grab a paddle. Go. But if you want to paddle efficiently and, more important, without soreness or injury, then spend a few moments considering whether you have the right SUP paddle length. The right paddle reduces stress on your joints and fends […]

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Standup paddleboarding supplies for your next adventure

April 16, 2015

Standup paddleboarding only requires a board and a paddle, right? Well, not really. Before you shove off from shore, make sure you have these safety items and stop to consider these other take-alongs.

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