Standup paddleboarding supplies for your next adventure

April 16, 2015

Standup paddleboarding only requires a board and a paddle, right?

Well, not really. Before you shove off from shore, make sure you have these safety items and stop to consider these other take-alongs.


If you are paddling outside of a swimming, surfing or bathing area, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission requires Paddleboarders to havvest2e these items:

– a U.S. Coast Guard-approved personal flotation device (PFD) within reach;

– a sound-producing device, such as a whistle or horn, that can be heard for one-half of a nautical mile;

– if paddling in low-light conditions, a flashlight that produces white light.

Other equipment

Leash: An important and highly recommended safety feature, a leash connects you to the board. In the event of a fall, the leash around your ankle prevents the board from being carried away by a wave, the wind or the current.whistle

Dry storage: Many paddlers like having a watertight bag or box on board to carry items such as your phone, camera, lunch and car keys.

Cooler: Much like dry storage, a cooler is another convenience item that can serve the paddler well. Aside from keeping drinks and food cool on a hot day, coolers can serve as a seat for taking a break.

Tie-downs: Having tie-down points, bungee and/or a gear net allows you to secure that PFD and dry bag to the deck of the SUP.

Anchor: Some paddlers want to take a break to sunbath, fish, eat or do yoga in one spot. So rather than drifting with the current or wind, they drop a light anchor and line to hold their position.leash1

Water shoes: Some paddlers like to wear them all the time. Others like to paddle barefoot but want to explore the shallows or a shoreline later. Water shoes protect your feet from those oyster bars that can be found throughout the Tampa Bay region.

Carabiner: These simple devices are a good way to secure a PFD while also making it readily accessible. Carabiners also make good connection points for anchor lines or clipping on a pair of water shoes.

Transport equipment

Roof racks, locking devices and straps get your board to and from the water and protect it from theft. Look for a future blog post detailing the equipment options.