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Spring Snow Skiing and Boarding: Things to consider

March 15, 2024

Spring Snow Skiing and Boarding: Things to consider

Spring skiing and boarding season begins technically after the vernal equinox, but really starts when schools let out for Spring Break. It is a popular time to go as the temperatures are less bitter and of course it coincides with time off from school for many. There are some things to consider if you choose to schedule your winter vacation at resorts at this time of the year. Read on to learn more.

Dressing for spring ski conditions

Remember to dress in layers.  The temperature and conditions may change drastically throughout the day. It will start out cold then warm up in the afternoon. You will need to be able to shed layers as the day progresses.

When to be on the slopes

Conditions won’t be consistent throughout the day. Wait till 10 am to be on the slopes. Arrive too early and the snow will be too icy to enjoy. The snow will soften by mid-morning and be more skiable. As the day progresses the snow will be too wet. Be prepared to stop skiing when the conditions become too sloppy to enjoy.

Slope conditions approaching the Spring thaw

As the snow on the mountain begins to melt, watch out for rocks and roots. Conditions out west will begin to resemble east coast skiing. Do not rely on the resort to mark every hazard on the mountain. You will need to be aware of dangers that pop up each day.

The usual ski vacation precautions apply

Snow reflects the Sun’s rays up at you on the mountain. Remember to protect yourself and wear sunglasses and sunscreen. This goes particularly for the crazy people zooming down the slope in swim trunks and bikinis. We’re only half kidding about this. Social media is full of videos of people doing just this.

Bonus activities for Spring skiing

Many ski resorts hold special events in the Spring featuring Pond Skimming. This involves participants skiing down a hill then skimming across a body of water to the other side. Whether you are adventurous enough to participate or just join all the spectators, it is a fun time.

Final thoughts

Be sure to check the weather forecast so you will know what to expect when you arrive. Look at morning and afternoon conditions and have activities planned if the weather doesn’t cooperate. If you have any questions, our Snow Ski and Boarding Department is always here. Call us at 727-576-4169 or email us at