Spearfishing 101: A Beginner’s Guide and Equipment List

November 7, 2019

What’s the best way to combine a fishing hobby with fitness and wellbeing? Spearfishing! It is the one sport that is made up of the beauty of conquering ocean swimming as well as being able to proudly show off your catch of the day when you get home. As well as bringing a meal to your table.
Are you new to the sport of spearfishing? We’ve got you covered, keep reading for all you need on the basics and beyond!

A real scene of a young man giving a ‘thumps up’ while spear fishing of the Cornwall coast. The photograph shows the spear fisherman in shallow water, you can see the sand of the sea bed and the top of the ocean. Sunlight can also be seen shining through the water and onto the sea bed. spearfishing a concept

Spearfishing: The Basics

Spearfishing is one of the greatest ways to get out there and fish. Not only is it fun but it’s affordable and most definitely sustainable. But don’t be fooled, it is not easy.
It’s a sport that requires dedication and commitment, it’s tough to get going and it’s even tougher to improve your skills over time. What you’re going to need is some good quality gear to get you off the ground, knowledge of your local spearfishing locations and dive spots as well as a basic understanding of the spearfishing laws in your area.

What Gear Do You Need?

Knowing you want to get ready for your spearfishing trips means you’re going to need to be ready. And not just mentally ready to take on the challenge, but you need to know exactly what gear you’ll need to get started. Here’s the list.

1. A Fishing License 

One of the things about being a spearfisherman is you need to respect the rules and regulations of the waters you’ll be in. There are laws about how many fish you can hunt, what size they should be and the species. Educate yourself on these laws and get your fishing permit.

2. A Dive Mask

A dive mask is an absolute must-have. You’ll need to visit a store in order to make sure that you’ve found a proper fit. Lightly place the mask on your face and suck in a bit of air through your nose, without putting the strap on and if the mask stays, you’ve found a good one. See your dive professional to get the best fit.

3. A Snorkel

Spearfishing will have you swimming along the surface most of the time so a snorkel is necessary. It allows you to keep your face down and search for your prey while still being able to breathe. There are special snorkels that are sold to freedivers and spearfishermen that are called J Tube snorkels. They help keep you stream line in the water to be able to hunt your prey better with.
Find a piece that suits your needs perfectly, and sits in your mouth in a comfortable way.

4. A Wetsuit

No matter where you’ll be spearfishing, the waters of the ocean are chilly to be in for prolonged periods of time. Spearfishing can have you out for a good few hours at a time, so a good wetsuit is paramount to your success.
Remember, the deeper you dive, the colder the water will get. A good wetsuit will not only protect you from the cold but also from reefs, jellyfish, and sunburn. Look for a thick, good-fitting wetsuit.Don’t forget additional weights as well. The wetsuit can be very buoyant and will make it harder to stay under.

5. A Speargun

For beginners, a two-band, 42-48 inch speargun is perfect to start out with. It’s easier for you to handle in the water as it’s less powerful than long guns with more pull power.
Once you’ve found a gun that suits your level, consider getting a reel for your gun so that you can simply reel your catch in and you don’t have to go in search of the spear itself. It’s super convenient.

6. A Pair of Fins

With the hours of swimming you’ll be putting in with spearfishing, you’re going to need a good set of spearfishing fins. Spearfishing fins are generally narrower and longer than ordinary swimming fins.
Make sure that your fins fit perfectly because if they’re too tight you’ll get blisters and be terribly uncomfortable. If they’re too big, you can say bye-bye while you’re out in the rough ocean swell.

Get Ready for Spearfishing Stardom

Now that you’ve got all the spearfishing equipment to get you started you’re on the road to becoming a spearfishing superstar.
Remember, spearfishing is about commitment and dedication. Ensure that you’ve made arrangements to go out spearfishing as regularly as you can so that you can improve your skills on an ongoing basis. The more you swim, the better you’ll get at it.
You’ll start to remember the good spots and find your favorite places.
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