Scuba Diving

Snorkeling Essentials

June 11, 2014

In the snorkeling world, the most common equipment used is mask, snorkel and fins. But  when it comes to snorkeling people often forget essential parts of their equipment, a snorkeling vest and weights.

Snorkeling Essentials

Masks are very important as well as your snorkel, fins, weights and snorkel vest. Needless to say, the masks helps you to see underwater. Without your snorkel you wont be able to look into the water without having to expose your face for more air every so often. Fins give you more power and help you to be able to spend more time underwater since our natural bodies tend to float  a little or a lot. Whether you are negative, positive or neutrally buoyant make sure to find out whether you’ll need weights and how many pounds before any open water trips you may be planning. In my opinion, the snorkel vest is the most important piece of equipment of all. The snorkel vest will keep you afloat without struggling to keep yourself above water. It’s different from a PFD since it has the ability to deflate, allowing you to snorkel as deep as you can handle.

I hope this helps you understand the importance behind your snorkeling essentials and equipment. Don’t forget that above all your equipment must fit and feel great before purchasing. Come on in to Bill Jackson’s and we will be able to help find the right snorkeling gear for you.


-Baudilia “Bea” Velazco