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Scuba Gear List: What You Need Before Diving

March 11, 2021

Being prepared for your next adventure requires planning. Whether you’re going spearfishing, free diving, or scuba diving, having the right gear makes your experience more enjoyable.

Do you have everything you need for a successful scuba trip? Seasoned divers can always use a refresher on the right gear for the right dives, and new scuba enthusiasts can benefit from a checklist to get started with everything you need.

Ready to “dive” in? Here’s a list of the scuba gear to pack before your next trip.

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1. A Dive Mask

You won’t get very far underwater without the right dive mask! Choose a mask that fits your face. Make sure it has a proper seal over your nose and face.

Test your mask before leaving for your trip! You don’t want to arrive for your dive with a mask that isn’t the right one for you.

2. The Right Snorkel

Explore a variety of snorkels to choose the one with all of the features you want. There are different snorkels designed for snorkeling versus SCUBA diving.  Let your outfitter know which activity you are doing.  Ones for SCUBA are designed to stay out of the way while you are using your regulator.  If used for snorkeling, they can fatigue your mouth as they are meant for temporary use.  Snorkels for free diving are ergonomically designed to stay in the mouth at just the right angle.

3. Your Wetsuit

If you’re a first-time scuba diver, you can probably rent a suit for your first excursion before investing in your own. However, if the idea of renting swimwear isn’t ideal for your ultimate dive enjoyment, be sure to bring your wetsuit!

Like masks and snorkels, you’ll find plenty of options when searching for your ideal wetsuit. Choose one that is appropriate for the water temperature in which you will dive. Consult with your outfitter on your options as wetsuits come in different thicknesses.  It is ok if it is difficult to put on the wetsuit. A close fit will perform better in the water.

4. A Dive Tool

Although it looks like a knife, it’s not intended as a weapon, but you never know when you could become entangled in something underwater. Having a dive tool gives you a way to free yourself from seaweed, old fishing lines, or other underwater hazards.

5. Fins and Booties

As you become a more experienced scuba diver, you’ll want to invest in a personal set of fins and booties. Test various sizes and shapes to find your ideal fins. Some designs are to make each kick easier while others make the kick more effective. Fins for snorkeling are different than those for diving.

6. A Dive Light

You’ll experience more under-the-sea beauty when you dive during the day. However, having a dive light with you is another safety precaution that many divers take. You never know when dark skies can create low-visibility conditions underwater. Perhaps you would like to peer into a dark hole. A light can be very handy.

Choose the Best Scuba Gear For Your Adventures!

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