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Get Your Skis and Snowboards Ready For Winter

November 3, 2023

Winter is fast approaching and it’s time to think about your next snow sports vacation. You may have already been looking at trips planned by your local Ski and Snowboard Clubs. In our area, we have Tampa Bay Snow Skiers and Boarders, Tampa Bay Ski Club, Onyx and Snow Sharks. But just as important is to get your equipment ready for that amazing trip you are planning. Read on to learn what you should do to be safe and have fun this winter.

Taking your skis and boards out of storage.

We hope at the end of last season you took the time to properly prepare your equipment for storage. Visually inspect for any damage to skis and boards and repair of any damage which could weaken them. If that wasn’t done, it would be job one now. Clean the base and wax to protect the skis and boards from rust while stored for the summer. Boots should also be inspected for damage, clean and completely dry before storage.

Remember to do this at the end of this season. Store equipment inside avoiding the garage or attic. For now, it’s time to get them ready.

1. Clean Them

Drip wax on them and let set until just solid. Then take a scraper and peel the wax off. Buff for texture.

2. Sharpen Edges

The edges must be sharp, smooth, and clean to work properly. Inspect the edges for burrs and pockmarks. Using a light hand with a steel or diamond file, work just those parts. Any severe damage should be done professionally.

3. Wax

Waxing can be messy so do it on a surface that you don’t mind messing up. Clean the base with a lint free rag. Apply alpine wax with a heating iron specifically made for this purpose. Clothing irons can get too hot and damage the base of the skis or board.

4. Ski Bindings

Don’t forget to have the bindings on your skis function tested per manufacturer recommendations. The bindings need to stay on then needed and release when needed. This is a critical safety concern for both the wearer and the other skiers and boarders on the slope.

Professional Ski/Snowboard Workshops

It’s very important to do the work listed above to keep your equipment working properly and safely. There’re only three steps listed here but it can seem like a hassle. If you don’t want to do it yourself, you can take your equipment to a workshop. Every resort has one. If you don’t live in an area with ski resorts, check to see if you have a local shop that is certified in servicing snow sport equipment. Bill Jackson’s is Tampa Bays local shop with certified technicians and Wintersteiger machines designed to work on skis and snowboards. Click here for more information. 

Remember that your local outfitter is there to help you prepare for your next adventure. Whether it’s clothing or equipment (skis & snowboards), you can get expert advice on all your options. Be prepared and have a great winter vacation.