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Fun gifts for stocking stuffers

December 16, 2015

funkyflame discs footbags pistolmug ice crem 5n1 bocceWe have some serious gear for serious enthusiasts in Bill Jackson’s, but that doesn’t mean there’s not room for some fun stuff for filling stockings.

Here’s a rundown of some items we like as stocking stuffers:


Funky Flames ($5.99): Light up your next campfire. Each pack (three packs in a box) provides 30 minutes of colored flames dancing in your campfire. Kids love it when they’re cooking smores.

Espresso mug ($5.99): Our Bill Jackson’s pistol mug delivers a shot of espresso in a more interesting way. A bigger version for volume coffee drinkers is also available.

Footbags ($4.99/$7.99): Remember when you were suppose to be in class but decided to hang with your friends kicking around those soft bags? Relive your college days. Comes in two sizes.

Pocket Discs ($14.99/$19.99): When you get tired of stooping over to pick up the footbag, move on to a game of catch with the woven flying Pocket Disc. Comes in two sizes.

Magnetic 5-n-1 ($20): Two roll-up game boards and all the pieces to play these games: chess, checkers, backgammon, snakes and ladders, and ludo. Great way for backpackers to kill time in the tent during a storm.

Freestyle Bocce and Backpack Bocce ($20/$29): Freestyle Bocce features soft balls that won’t roll far. Backpack Bocce features small PVC balls that allow the whole set to be tucked away for any trip.

Ice Cream Balls ($34.99): OK, these are too big for a stocking but who doesn’t want to make their own ice
cream around the campfire? Comes with mixture, just add ice and rock salt, and after about 20 minutes of tossing and rolling this ball around, you’re ready to dip into a sweet dessert.