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July 30, 2014

Here is a list of some of Bill Jackson’s employee’s favorite products here at the store…

Rich D’Angelo 

My favorite product is the Ocean Reef Dive Mask. I love this mask. It’s pressurized due to the 2nd stage being integrated which eliminates mask squeeze. Also, it doesn’t leak or fog like a conventional mask. Divers can breathe naturally through their nose and mouth and ear equalization is so much easier with this mask.

Brad Lowman

My favorite product is the Van Staal 6″ titanium pliers. I’ve owned a pair for 14 years and never once have they let me down. Before I bought my Van Staals I used to go through a new pair of pliers every few months. Having a reliable pair of pliers to unhook fish, cut line and seat knots is a necessity every fisherman must have.

Caleb Miller 

My favorite product is the Benchmade Sibert Knife. The knife is light weight with a durable sheath. It also has excellent blade material.

Stefanie Prstac

I LOVE the BIC Wing 11′ SUP! This board is perfect for touring the waterways of Florida and getting a better vantage point for viewing wildlife. The ACETEC 11′ wing is lighter and smaller for my size. The best part of paddle boarding is that you’re getting a great workout while having a blast and getting outdoors!

Kathy Fortner

My favorite item is the brand new Obermeyer Print Matte ski pant. These pants scream FUN! The best part is they go with just about anything and everything!

Amanda Turner

My favorite product is the Light and Motion Gobe Light. This light has inter-changeable heads, such as the 500 lumen spot, 700 wide, a UV head with an attached cover to reveal a regular underwater light, along with a few other heads. They are inexpensive, light-weight and very easy to handle. I love this light!

Laura Monahan

My favorite product is the Smith Chromapop Dolen glasses. I love these glasses! They are comfortable AND stylish! I wish I could see the way I see when I have them on all the time. They go great with a pair of Croakies.


The Hornady Reloading Bullets is a great standard quality of bullets. I would recommend them to anyone.

Trish Schenker

My favorite item is a paddleboard. I love the versatility to use it as a sit in top kayak, a surfboard, or a fishing platform. Lounging or exercising is equally fun. The ease of carrying and transporting lets me use it anytime, anywhere.

Brent Long 

The Nano hammock is one of my favorite items here at Bill Jackson’s. This hammock is ultra light weighing in at only 7.5 oz and it holds up to 300 pounds. The Nano opens up to 9′ X 4′ and compresses to the size of a baseball. Every outdoor adventure should have one.

Michael Schenker 

My favorite item in the store is the BIC 12’6 Wing. It is a very versatile board. You can paddle anywhere from open water to Rainbow River. Being so durable I can take this board anywhere.

Mark Rutan

Jeff’s Famous Beef Jerky is “yummy”. It’s the best jerky east of California.

Terry Little

I love my Ruger SR556. It’s awesome!

Courtney Parker 

My favorite product in the store is the Penn Rod and Reel combo. You can get the best bang for your buck with these combos. Penn provides a quality rod and reel but is less expensive than many of its competitors.

Baudilia Velazco

My favorite product is the Caballito Costa Sunglasses. I have tried other glass brands but when I bought my Costas I could not believe how clear everything became.

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