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Father’s Day Gift Guide

June 9, 2017

Time to remember all those hard-working, hard-playing dads out there with something thoughtful this Father’s Day. We have some gift ideas for you. Here is a Father’s Day Gift Guide:

Here is a Father's Day Gift Guide.

Helio Pressure Shower from Nemo Equipment

Everyone who lives here in Florida knows it gets hot and sand gets everywhere. Take pity on Dad and speed up his after-the-adventure cleanup. This 2.9-gallon capacity pressure shower ($99.95) provides 5 to 7 minutes of water flow from a 7-foot hose. Pressure is provided by a durable foot pump. So now he can rinse the gear, cool off, wash away sand and clean up the dog after the adventure is over. The silicone mat ($19.95) keeps him out of the mud or off the hot pavement.

Chair One and Sunset Chair from Helinox

The Chair One ($99.95) was an instant hit because of its compact size and light weight. Dads, moms and grandparents easily tote them to the soccer field sideline. The Sunset Chair ($149.95) is for those quieter moments when he is in recline mode and tipping back a cool drink. The Sunset Chair has higher back support and a higher seat base, so it’s easier on the knees sitting down and getting up.

Dad’s Drink tumblers from Yeti

Want Dad to man the grill a little longer this summer? Keep him hydrated with his favorite beverage in an insulated stainless steel Hands Off Dad’s Drink tumbler. The 20-ounce version is $29.99, and the 30-ounce version is $39.99.

Big Larry and Slyde Plus work lights from Nebo

Give Dad some light to work and play by. The Big Larry ($24.99) work light boasts 400 lumens on high, 160 on low and the emergency flasher runs for 40 hours on three AA batteries. It has a strong magnet on the bottom so it firmly stays in place on any metal object.

The Slyde Plus ($29.99) flashlight/work light has four modes, including a 300-lumen flashlight. The beam can be narrowed or widened to accommodate his needs. It runs on four AAA batteries.

Snorkel kit by Tusa Sport and Scallop kit by 13

Scallop season starts later this summer, and the hunt begins with the right equipment. The snorkel kit ($74.95) has everything Dad and his clan need for underwater exploration: mask, fins (by size) and a snorkel. Now you need to bag those marine bivalve mollusks. The scallop kit ($12.95) includes a bag with measuring units and a knife for prying open the scallop to get at the tastiness inside.

Rashguard/sunshirts from Sea Fear

Protect Dad from all that sun while he’s out on the water. These shirts boast a UPF rating of 50 in both short-sleeve ($32.99) and long-sleeve ($42.99) versions; all with the Bill Jackson’s logo.

Path fly-fishing combo by Redington

If Dad likes to sling hooks disguised with thread and flashy material, then this 9-foot, 8-weight setup ($189.99) is the ticket to nearly all manner of inshore or freshwater fish. The reel is prespooled with line and the rod has a lifetime warranty. This combo is durable enough to bulldog hefty bass in a lake or reel in drag-screaming snook around an inlet.

Fillet knife by Bubba Blade

The day’s catch has to make its way to the grill somehow. Enter this 9-inch fillet knife ($69.95), which allows Dad to quickly and easily turn that redfish into a couple of slabs ready for his favorite seasonings.

Kayak/SUP carts from Sea to Summit

Fishing from a kayak or standup paddleboard is a fantastic way for Dad to get into skinny water. But it’s not always easy for him to get that kayak from the truck to the launch by himself. Wheeled kayak carts make it a snap. The medium cart (pictured, $129.95), XT cart ($139.95) and the sit-on-top cart ($149.95) eases the load on dear old Dad’s back.

Smart Pro Housing for smartphones from Kraken Sports

Underwater photography for the everyman keeps improving. This universal housing ($299) allows divers to take their smartphones underwater to as deep as 263 feet. Download the free app to your Android or IOS phone, then connect via bluetooth to use the phone for photos or video while inside this housing. There’s a mini pump on the housing so you can check the vacuum seal.

Hopefully this Father’s Day Gift Guide gave you ideas!

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