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Fall adventures to take advantage of cooler temperatures

November 1, 2017

The worst of the heat and humidity is behind us as October ends in the Tampa Bay region. Many adventurers will still enjoy the water to some degree, but now the woods will be less daunting as the mosquitos become less of a bother. Continue reading to learn about Fall adventures.

Fall adventures

Here are some ideas for fall adventures:


For most of the country, fall means leaf-peeping season as the trees change color before winter. Heading out to enjoy the fall colors on foot is a favorite pastime. Here in Florida, the color changes are subtle but after sitting in the air conditioning most of the summer, it’s time to visit favorite trails or explore new ones. You can still enjoy shoreline walks but don’t forget that many barrier islands also have inland trails. Hiking provides an opportunity to cross paths with wildlife. Florida sits on the migratory path for many species of birds. Bird watching and photography are popular hobbies to enjoy while hiking. Always carry enough water to stay hydrated, wear proper footware and socks, and always tell a responsible person where you are heading and when you are expected back.


Again, because the temperature drops this time of year in Florida, many people are ready to get back to camping. The cooler evenings are ripe for campfires, cooking chili and telling ghost stories into the late hours. Weekend camping adventures strengthen the bonds in a family and among friends. It’s a great way to unplug from the fast-paced, technology-driven lives many families have during the week. Camping is a chance to slow down and enjoy conversation, games and other hobbies with those we cherish.


Many people associate fishing with summer. But Florida features great fishing opportunities all year. Visitors and residents alike chase lunker bass in the freshwater lakes that dot the landscape. Saltwater species such as redfish and seatrout are still very active in the fall, so hopping into a kayak or boat, or patrolling a seawall, shoreline, dock or pier can yield great catches. Stop in at a reputable tackle shop and just ask about what’s biting. You’re sure to get pointed in the right direction.

Skiing and snowboarding as a fall adventure

Fall is also a fantastic time to travel. The lure of snow-covered mountains will entice many adventurers to try skiing or snowboarding. Whether you enjoy carving easy turns down a run or bombing down the slope and taking off over jumps, the change of pace is exciting. Visit a reputable outdoor retailer who can outfit you properly to enjoy the time away.