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Essential Sporting Goods You Need for Summer Adventures

April 20, 2017

Summer is coming, and if you’re into more active pursuits than sitting on a beach, here’s some planning tips for your warm-weather adventures. So make a plan, make a list and visit an outdoor retailer to geared up right. Continue reading to learn what essential sporting goods you need.

Essential Sporting Goods You Need:


Carrying your shelter, bedding and food on your back all day is one of the most adventurous things you can plan, especially if you’re exploring a new place. Study the temperature and weather for the time of the year you arrive. Rainy season? Get breathable rain gear, waterproof shoes and quick-drying adventure clothing. Stay away from cotton; it holds onto moisture longer, breeding bacteria, which causes odor. Synthetics and wool fibers help manage moisture and are odor-resistant. Hot and dry? Pay attention to the sun protection factor your clothing provides (look for a UPF factor of 30 to 50) and bring sunscreen.


A classic summer activity, fishing can be done in a chair in one spot or constantly paddling a kayak along a shoreline. Either way, decide what species you are targeting and set up your gear accordingly. Snook, a prized game fish here in Florida, have sharp gill plates and require stout leaders attached to the bait or lure. Seatrout don’t need as heavy a setup. Talk to the folks at the tackle shop and they’ll direct you to the proper equipment and areas for success.


The average camper planned approximately 4.97 camping trips in 2012 alone. It’s a fun, family-oriented activity that usually includes other pursuits, such as paddleboarding, fishing, climbing, kayaking, diving and cooking. The outdoor experience doesn’t have to mean “roughing it.” The right tent, cookware, chairs and lighting can enhance your family time late into the night.

Scuba Diving

Exploring the underwater world around Florida remains popular. As fun as it is to visit a reef, wreck or spring, scuba diving requires important safety equipment and knowing how to correctly use it. Masks, fins and buoyancy compensators should fit properly. Get certified from a certified instructor or get a refresher class so you’re up to date on your skills. It might be time to get a new dive computer or safety marker before that next trip.

No matter what summer adventure you’re planning, make sure you’re making the appropriate preparations. Not only will this keep you safe during your travels, it will ensure that you’re equipped to enjoy each moment of your adventures to the absolute fullest.