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Here in Florida, we’re surrounded by water. Even the interior of the state is splattered with springs, rivers and lakes. And we embrace it all here at Bill Jackson’s. Scuba diving allows you to experience the thrills of weightlessness and take in exotic underwater sights. Whether your ultimate destinations are freshwater rivers, our own Gulf waters, or foreign destinations, your scuba diving adventures begin at Bill Jackson’s. Our late founder, Bill Jackson, was a pioneer in the teaching of scuba diving as a recreational sport in the early 1950s. We believe in safe and proper training, our NAUI-certified instructors teach scuba diving on site in our 100,000-gallon indoor heated swimming pool.

Our full-service Dive Shop is equipped to outfit you with everything you need to go snorkeling for scallops to serious dive trips for lobster, wreck viewing, spearfishing and photography. We even rent and service dive equipment.

Dive Gear

We have all the basics on hand, and our experienced staff of divers can run through the many options that will best fit you, including:

Mask. The mask creates an air space in front of your eyes, allowing you to focus under water. Of course you want a mask with a watertight fit. Our staff can explain the process and options for buying a great mask. We even have full-face masks in stock.

Snorkel. This tube allows you to breathe while face-down in the water, conserving the air in your tank while on the surface.  Options available include wet, dry and semi-dry.  Our staff can explain the pros and cons of each.

Fins. These will propel you through the water with ease. There are differences in length, flex and design. Our staff can assist in choosing the right pair and getting the proper fit.

Wetsuits. This is your protection from the heat-sapping cold water. You want a snug fit (no baggy areas) so that the suit works efficiently.

Buoyancy compensator. This multifunctional piece of gear is an attachment point for gear and tanks, it floats you at the surface and helps you reach neutral buoyancy as you descend. Don’t pick one that is too tight; you don’t want to restrict your ability to breathe easy.

Regulator. This reduces the pressurized air in your tank into ambient pressure air that is easy to breathe. Find one that fits your mouth comfortably.  A variety of mouth pieces are available.

Dive computer. This device tracks your bottom time and depth so you can safely ascend and avoid decompression sickness. Our staff can walk you through the many features and help you understand them.

Accessories. Divers also need items such as cameras, lights, knives, and dive markers and flags. The Bill Jackson’s staff can assist you in choosing the right gear for your intended trips.

Brands We Carry

Akona •Apeks Diving • Atomic Aquatics • AquaLung • Cressi • Henderson Wetsuits • Mares • Neosport • Seafear • Sherwood Scuba • Suunto • TUSA (Tabata USA) • Zeagle

Classes and Instruction

Bill Jackson’s scuba diving classes offer an exciting and demanding challenge that leads to unforgettable fun and adventure. Our NAUI-certified instructors are friendly and patient. Have no fear, they will navigate you to your diving goals. You can try our Try Scuba course to get a feel for the sport. Or, if you want to become open-water certified, we offer those courses, as well as advanced training:

Call to reserve your spot in any of these classes. In order to provide you with the proper attention, we limit the amount of students in each class. A $100 deposit is required (not refundable 7 days before the scheduled start).

Note: To ensure your safety and success, NAUI standards and Bill Jackson’s agree that each student must have a healthy heart, lungs, sinuses, and ears in order to participate. A medical form may be requested if there are any medical concerns. It is further required that you do not suffer from any severe emotional or neurological problems or communicable diseases. All students must also be confident in the water and be able to pass a swim test.

Equipment Rental:

Although Bill Jackson’s offers great pricing on the new scuba gear the Tampa Bay area needs, we also rent a variety of equipment.

For our rental pricing sheet, Click Here!



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