Metal detecting remains a popular pastime, especially here in Florida, where many people scan the beaches and shorelines for lost jewelry and interesting items released by the sea. Though many people enjoy metal detecting as a solo pursuit, there are in fact groups, such as the Suncoast Research and Recovery club, that can aid your efforts to recover a lost item.

At Bill Jackson’s we carry metal detectors by Minelab. We have a range of metal detectors for purchase, including waterproof machines for beachcombing. We also have metal detectors that can be taken out as rentals.

Getting Started

The staff at Bill Jackson’s can assist you in finding the best detector for your needs with the answers to a few questions:

  • What do you want to look for? Lost jewelry or relics or gold flakes, etc.?
  • Where will you be hunting? Beaches, backyards, parks, or are you traveling?
  • What is your level of experience? Beginner, intermediate or expert?

How It Works

The coil sends an electromagnetic field into the ground. Metal objects (targets) within that field become energized and generate their own field. The coil picks up the target’s retransmitted field and produces an alert (beep or tone) to the user.

Some detectors can differentiate one type of target (coins, jewelry, gold) better than another. The effective depth depends on several factors: quantity of minerals in area (ground mineralization), target size (large targets can be detected deeper than small), and material (more conductive metals like silver are detected deeper than, say, gold).

At Bill Jackson’s we proudly carry metal detectors from Minelab.


Where to Hunt

Typically, metal detector enthusiasts hunt anyplace where people gather and leave things behind. Your backyard is a great starting point, so is the strip of grass along the sidewalk and the local park. Then as you get more comfortable with your machine, research online forums and blogs about your area for places such as:

Beaches • Battlefields • Campgrounds • Festival grounds • Jetties/piers • Showgrounds • Swimming holes

Some areas are restricted. Seek permission first.

The Basic Equipment

In order to get the most out of your metal detecting excursions, you must bring along the appropriate equipment.

A quality metal detector (waterproof if necessary) • Headphones • Battery chargers • Extra batteries • Loop cover • Pin pointer • Sand scoop • Shovel/trowel • Sunscreen • Hat