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Personal Protection Seminar

June 22, 2024 10:00 am to 12:30pm

Bill Jacksons’s is offering a unique education seminar on Personal Protection That you do not want to miss!!

This is a 2-1/2-hour seminar that will provide you with “How To” information on skills you should know that could save you or your family’s lives. These skills are invaluable to the whole family. In this one seminar you will learn skills that help you identify potential threats early, critically think quickly to respond safely and how to react fast as an individual or as a family.

The second presentation is a layman’s summary of Florida Conceal Carry, Constitutional Carry and Firearms Laws to give you some insight on laws you should be aware of if you chose to carry and to better understand use of force.

Situational Awareness: A skills everyone need to know.. and can save your life

  • OODA Loop (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act)
  • States of awareness
  • Critical Decision-making processes
  • Family Protection and working as a Team
  • Fear and fear management Every Day Carry tools

Florida Weapons Laws – A Laypersons Summary

  • What is Constitutional Carry?
  • Do I need a Conceal Carry License?
  • Where can I Carry, with and without a license?
  • What does “No Firearms Signs” mean?
  • When can I use my firearm for personal protection?
  • What does use of Lethal Force mean?
  • Can I go into places that serve alcohol?
  • Can I carry at the Airport?

When: Saturday June 22

Time: 10:00am to 12:30pm

Bill Jackson’s Conference Room

Cost: $40 per person

Includes: Handouts, gift certificate for range time, refreshments Seating is limited so reserve your seats at the Gun Counter.

Call us at 727-576-4169 for more information.

Bio of Speaker: Dan Cavallaro

Dan’s eclectic career began in healthcare, then transpired to the private security and personal protection industry. His healthcare career began in EMS, worked his way up to an Assistant in Surgery. During his tenure in healthcare he co-authored numerous scientific articles, co-authored fourteen medical books, taught in three medical schools, and developed a renowned international advanced life support training organization that trained healthcare providers from around the world in emergency procedures.

Afterwards he spent 11 years as the team leader of an aero-medical evacuation team and performed over 300 missions around the globe, some into hostile and unfriendly environments where it was vital that he have great situational awareness, critical thinking and outstanding personal protection skills. He has trained with and taken numerous personal protection and tactical firearms classes from highly skilled firearms instructors, elite military team members and DOD contractors.

He has functioned as an armed officer, private investigator, firearms instructor, personal protection teacher.

He is an NRA Pistol instructor, former Georgia Armed Security Officer (Expert Rating) a former Georgia State Certified Firearms and Classroom Instructor, current Florida Armed Security Officer (Expert Rating) and Director of Training for the United States Association of Gun Owners.

He authored two books on Georgia Weapons Laws, published over 50 articles on firearms, personal protection, and survival on well-known websites. Taught over 500 firearms classes ranging from basic to close quarter and developed several successful advanced personal protection training programs. He taught over 200 personal protection seminars, hosted and lead a podcast on personal protection and developed several You Tube videos on Personal Safety.