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Introduction To Drawing From A Concealed Holster & Defensive Shooting

August 23, 2020 4:00 to 6:30 pm

Cost: $150.00pp

Class Size: Maximum 5 Students

Learn These Disciplines:

Safe Handgun Management

Shooting Fundamentals

Methods Of Concealment

Steps Of Drawing Your Firearm

Target Acquisition

Engaging Targets At Various Distances

Follow-Up & Re-Holstering

Requirements To Attend This Class(at least one of list below):

    • Must Have Completed The Bill Jackson’s CWL/Novice Handgun Class
    • Current Or Former Law Enforcement or State Licensed Armed Guard
    • Has Proof Of Legitimate Pistol Training And Has Proof Of It (Not Just CWL Classes)

 Gear Needed:

    • Students Are Required To Bring Their Own Defense Caliber Handgun
    • At Least 2 Mags if Using A Semi-Auto
    • A Good Quality Inside The Pant Or Outside the Pant Holster
    • A Good Quality Gun Belt
    • 100rds Of Good Quality Target Ammo (No Steel Core Or “Dirty” Ammo)
    • Eye & Ear Protection (Muff Style Only)
    • A Shirt That Will Conceal Your Holstered Firearm
    • Proper Range Attire (Closed Toe Footwear And High Neck Tops Only)

Students Are Encouraged To Purchase All These Items At Bill Jackson Inc To Insure Quality and Proper Gear Used In This Class. 

Call 727-576-4169 To Register (Ask For The Gun Shop)