Scuba Diving

Get ready for lobster mini season!

June 20, 2023

Spiny Lobster is a delicious Florida delicacy but can be a bit pricey. With tails going for as much as $29.99, those adventurous and inclined might want to catch your own. Regular lobster season in Florida is August 6thand lasts until March 31st, but you can get a head start before the commercial operations start. It is called mini season and this year it […]

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Top Five Springs For Scuba in Florida

June 15, 2022

Florida Springs offer visitors excellent sites to swim, snorkel, and scuba dive. Explore dark, mysterious caverns hidden under cool, refreshing springs and enjoy a unique and unsurpassed experience Whether you want to look around Florida’s Blue holes or deep caves, there’s a truly wonderous experience for everyone. Yes, even for a curious Scuba beginner. Find […]

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Save Your Dive Trip with this Emergency Kit: What you Need to Include

June 3, 2021

Let’s say you’re on a boat preparing to get into the water. As you do your final checks, your mind wanders to all the things you had to do to get to this point. It’s no secret, planning for a diving adventure takes time and substantial investment in supplies. But now, imagine when you’re all […]

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Important Tips for Beginner SCUBA Divers

April 29, 2021

Don’t be afraid to ask questions A good diver is always learning. If you have a question about something, chances are there is someone else that has the exact same question. If you are unsure of who to ask you can always contact your local dive shop either by phone or stopping in. Always dive […]

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Scuba Gear List: What You Need Before Diving

March 11, 2021

Being prepared for your next adventure requires planning. Whether you’re going spearfishing, free diving, or scuba diving, having the right gear makes your experience more enjoyable. Do you have everything you need for a successful scuba trip? Seasoned divers can always use a refresher on the right gear for the right dives, and new scuba enthusiasts […]

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Scuba Diving Around Tampa Bay: Suit Up

April 1, 2019

Scuba diving allows you delve into another world and see parts of our Earth you would otherwise not see. Vibrant colors, fascinating life forms, plants that dance along with the waves. The Tampa Bay region is blessed with many fantastic dive spots for new and experienced divers to enjoy. Diving also happens to be great exercise. […]

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Beginner Scuba Diving Tips Every Diver Should Know

March 14, 2018

Scuba diving is an exhilarating experience. There’s nothing quite like exploring the depths of the ocean or a river at eye level. New scuba divers might be apprehensive in the beginning, but good scuba instruction will quickly set aside any fears. There is no substitute for professional instruction, but here are some beginner scuba diving […]

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Essential Sporting Goods You Need for Summer Adventures

April 20, 2017

Summer is coming, and if you’re into more active pursuits than sitting on a beach, here’s some planning tips for your warm-weather adventures. So make a plan, make a list and visit an outdoor retailer to geared up right. Continue reading to learn what essential sporting goods you need. Essential Sporting Goods You Need: Backpacking […]

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Stop Wasting Your Life Away Inside: 3 Ways to Spend Your Free Time

February 23, 2017

Here in Florida, it’s always a great time to be outdoors. You can pursue just about any outdoor sport or hobby and have something really exciting to look forward to every weekend. So if you’re looking to spend more free time outside and improve your relationship with nature, here are 3 ways to spend your […]

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Ready to Buy Your Own Scuba Tanks? Here’s What You Should Look For

November 4, 2016

There are many reasons to purchase your own scuba diving equipment once you’ve attained your certification. For instance, now you have the freedom to dive nearly wherever you want, whenever you want. You get to dive on your schedule, spending less time at the dive shop waiting to rent equipment, or waiting for it to […]

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