How to extend the life of your camping gear

February 17, 2017

You spent hours, maybe days or weeks, researching brands, reading reviews and even handling potential gear in a store. Finally, you laid out a fair bit of money to amass all that camping gear for all those epic trips. It seems a pity to spend so much and then not spend just a little (time […]

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Back to Basics: Must-Have Camping Gear for Safety

July 11, 2016

Camping is a classic American tradition that remains as popular as ever, as more than 40 million people camped in 2013. And even though many campers – especially younger ones – are bringing technology, gadgets and specialty gear into the outdoors these days, it’s always a good idea to focus on the basics. This must-have […]

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Collapsible cooksets for backpackers

May 10, 2016

Backpackers are forever looking to save space inside their backpacks. Usually the cook pot is one of the bulkiest items in the pack. The answer in most cases is to stuff the pot with as much gear as possible, because no space can go to waste. Continue reading to learn about collapsible cooksets. Think flat […]

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Dealing with ticks while hiking

April 21, 2016

They’re out there – waiting for you. Creeping along on the ground, mixed among the leaves. Climbing blades of grass, hanging out, waiting for a host. They’re unsightly, clingy, and a health nuisance. They’re ticks. Continue reading to learn about dealing with ticks while hiking. Tiny in stature, ticks present a big problem for those who love […]

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How a Great Outdoors Store Can Meet Your Family’s Camping Needs

March 21, 2016

The storyteller pauses. The crackling of the campfire and the chirping of the crickets fill the tense air. The near silence is broken by the storyteller’s shout and the children’s screams. Then it all dissolves into laughter. Another ghost story creates another memory. Continue reading to learning about our Great Outdoors Store. Camping remains one […]

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Camping Gear: The basic essentials for a camping trip

January 25, 2016

You’ve decided to spend a weekend in the outdoors, getting back to nature and camping under the stars. Nice. Making that decision was easy. But now you’ve popped the trunk and you’re ready to load the vehicle. What camping gear do you absolutely need to put inside for this trip? Any camping gear checklist should […]

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What to consider when buying a camping hammock

October 1, 2015

You’ve started thinking about stretching that blissful nap in the backyard hammock into an overnight camping outing, swaying out there in the woods under the stars. Sounds great, right? Well, to have a good hammock camping experience, you need to give some thought to the hammock you want to spend all night in, which means […]

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Essential Adventure Gear for Your Child on a Camping Trip

September 2, 2015

More than 25% of campers in the US were between the ages of 6-17, according to the American Camper Report. That’s a lot of youngsters heading to summer camps, scouting events and family adventures. Here are some essential adventure gear for outfitting your children for camping. Essential Adventure Gear: A quality, child-sized sleeping bag: Unless […]

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Camping Gear For Kids

March 30, 2015

Spring is here, and all across the country campgrounds are opening. Soon, families will begin making plans for summer trips. Camping remains one of the most popular pastimes in the United States. Between 2010 and 2012, 3 million more Americans decided to give camping a try, and last year, approximately 43 million Americans headed to […]

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A Hiking Gear Checklist for Your Next Outdoor Adventure

January 28, 2015

For many people, nothing relieves stress and rejuvenates the soul more than a long walk in the woods. Taking an extended vacation in the great outdoors remains one of the most popular American pastimes. In fact, approximately 38 million Americans went hiking in 2014 and about 43 million people went camping in the United States. […]

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