Adventure Clothing

The Importance of Adventure Clothing

November 26, 2018

More than $887 billion were spent on outdoors-related recreation, according to a 2017 report from the Outdoor Industry Association. That’s right: billion, with a B. A sizable chunk of that spending was on adventure clothing and apparel. Why? Because if you love the outdoors, you appreciate quality adventure clothing that both performs and keeps you […]

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How to prepare properly for winter paddling

November 29, 2016

Living here in the Sunshine State we enjoy the outdoors year round. But despite the pleasant air temperature during our “winter” in Florida, the water in our rivers, lakes and the Gulf of Mexico does chill quite a bit. You can suffer from hypothermia if you don’t outfit yourself properly. So here are some tips […]

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Adventure clothing to fend off mosquitoes

March 31, 2016

Love the outdoors? Who doesn’t, right? But most of us could do without all the creepy crawlies, biting bugs and menacing mosquitoes. Aside from being just plain annoying, mosquitoes and ticks can present a danger to your health, as they are frequent carriers of diseases such as West Nile virus, Lyme disease and, more recently […]

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Extreme cold calls for extreme gear

November 11, 2015

OK, so it doesn’t get bone-chilling cold here in Florida, but maybe you or someone you know is venturing into the extreme cold. We have just the undergarment to keep someone toasty no matter the temperature. Aqua Lung’s ATS Thermal Fusion suit was designed for divers to keep warm in extreme cold conditions while maintaining flexibility. […]

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Five things to ask before you pack adventure clothing

August 25, 2015

Record numbers of Americans are getting into the outdoors. About 142.6 million participated in at least one outdoor activity in 2013, according to the Outdoor Foundation’s 2014 Outdoor Recreation Participation report. And those Americans spent a considerable amount of money on their pursuits. In the state of Florida alone, outdoor recreation generated $38.3 billion in […]

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