Best Archery Bows for Kids

December 7, 2016

The popularity of archery among kids remains high. A bow under the Christmas tree will likely bring as much joy as Ralphie’s vaunted Red Rider BB gun in A Christmas Story. Continue reading to learn the best archery bows for kids.

But which archery bows are good for kids? Traditional bows make great starters for young children. They have a reasonable draw length (the distance the bow string can be drawn back) and a reasonable draw weight (a measurement of how much effort it takes to pull the bow string back, usually measured in pounds).

Here are three bows that would make a great gift for a child this holiday season, and you don’t need to spend a lot:

The first two bows are great for beginners.

Best Archery Bows for Kids:


Firstly, a set from Bear Archery, $49.95

Includes two arrows, arm guard, quiver, finger tabs.

Best for ages: 4-7.

Draw length is 22-24 inches. Draw weight is 15-18 pounds.

Can be used left-handed or right-handed.


Secondly, bow only, from Bear Archery, $49.95

Best for ages: 12 and up.

Draw length is 22-28 inches. Draw weight is 30-35 pounds.

Can be used left-handed or right-handed.


Thirdly, bow only, from Genesis

Price ranges from $189 to $210.

Must choose between left-handed or right-handed setup.

Comes in 12 finish options.

Original model draw length is 15-30 inches. Original model draw weight is 10-20 pounds.

Lastly, this bow is great if your child is ready to take the next step in archery. For example, Genesis bows look like a compound bow, but shoot like a recurve. Many youth leagues use Genesis bows because the arrow trajectory is the same no matter how strong the archer is. It puts a focus on instinctive shooting (not using sights), and is considered the go-to bow for teaching advanced skills.

Genesis bows are the official bow of the National Archery in the School Program (NASP).

Above all, if you have any other questions about archery for kids, call our Archery Shop at 727-576-4169.