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Benefits of Archery

October 28, 2015

archery targetMovies and television have elevated the exposure of archery, and consequently the sport has seen a sharp rise in participation numbers nationwide. According to an Archery Trade Association survey, more than 18.9 million Americans 18 and older participated in archery or bowhunted in 2012, and those numbers do not include those under 18 who have been inspired by The Hunger Games movies and The Walking Dead television series.

Archery is a sport of infinite possibilities and endless entertainment. Some people enjoy competition shoots while others see archery as a way for gathering food. With little more than a bow and arrow set as startup equipment, archers both young and old can enjoy the outdoors in a new way while reaping other benefits. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in quality archery equipment:


The first time you draw back on a bow to fire an arrow, you’ll be surprised at just how much resistance you’re met with. Archers put quite a few muscles to work, including those in the arms, hands, shoulders, chest and back. These upper-body muscles must be trained to take action, to hold a position, then relaxed.


In order to develop accuracy, archers work through a series of movements, from building a solid base, to drawing the arrow and finally letting it all go in the release. Finding proper balance and putting the muscle work together with good hand-eye coordination is crucial to success.

Mental focus

Archers learn to develop patience and focus. Successful archers block out distractions around them and clear their minds of everything but the task at hand. These mental skills can translate beyond the range as well and have a positive impact on your well-being.

Fun for all

Because archery does not require one to possess exceptional physical traits, such as being strong or tall, this sport can be enjoyed by kids, adults and seniors. It can be a social activity, for a whole family or even large groups. Likewise, someone who is more of an introvert can find great enjoyment in solitude.

When practiced in a safe environment, archery is a great activity to be enjoyed throughout a lifetime. Visit a shooting range to see for yourself.

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