The Bay Area Canoe, Kayak (BACK) Fishing Club holds its monthly meetings at Bill Jackson’s on the third Tuesday of every month at 6:30 p.m.

Who attends

All are welcome. The BACK fishing club meetings aren’t just for members, so anyone who is interested in fishing from these watercraft. Our normal attendance is relatively small (normally around 30 people), but the membership is slowly growing.

What goes on

Local guides speak, lure manufacturers give demonstrations, and sometimes anglers just talk about paddle fishing. Exchanging information is what the BACK Fishing Club is all about. Normally when you get a large group of anglers together like this it’s at a captains meeting for a fishing tournament. And not much information gets exchanged at those things, except lies about good launches and what lures to use.

Paddle-In Gatherings

What really draws people to this club are the fishing gatherings. Normally, BACK Fishing Club event is scheduled for the weekend after a meeting. In our case, these events are called “Paddle-In Gatherings.” Avenue (launch) will be determined, people show up and fish. It’s not a tournament, but more of an opportunity to meet new people, exchange rigging ideas and fish new areas.


You must eat to live. But at BACK Fishing Club events, food plays a major part. All of the attendees volunteer their services and/or bring the makings for a pot luck shore lunch. No one leaves hungry. Everyone heads back to shore around noon. That’s where the tongs come in handy. No one wants to eat burgers that have been turned with a seasoned boca grip.
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