Snow Skiing

A guide to choosing ski boots that fit

January 3, 2023

You spend a lot of money to go on epic ski vacations. Your time on the mountain is precious. Enjoyment of that ski time is dependent on the fit of your ski boots. Whether you rent or own, read our short guide on choosing ski boots that fit, as well as our tips on how to put them on, and store them after use.

learn how to buy ski boots that fit right

Start with ski boots that fit

If you own your own ski boots, it’s ideal to consult an expert ski boot fitter to help you find the best fit for you. Purchasing in a brick-and-mortar outdoor adventure store might cost a little more but is worth it when it comes to getting ski boots which will fit you properly. The salesperson will measure your foot and walk you through the process of finding the right pair for you.

The trick to finding the perfect ski boot fit is to know your ability. A casual skier who sticks to the green runs and just enjoys the ride down the mountain will go more for comfort. A more technical skier who enjoys running black diamonds and doing tricks will require a different boot and a different fit.

Essentially the snugger the ski boot fit the more control one has over the skis. Going less snug gives you a little more room and a little more comfort. A good tip for buying ski boots is to remember that when you buy a pair of ski boots they will be as small as they will ever be. As you use them the lining will pack out and boots will slowly become roomier.

For those who rent, the concepts are the same, but rentals may have been worn by many people. So, they tend to already be packed out. Again, know your ability level. You may need to swap for different sizes or perhaps models to get a good fit.

How should you put on your ski boots

Once you have selected your ski boots, it’s important that you put them on properly. Since many buckle their boots wrong, we are providing these helpful steps to ensure an even better fit.

  1. Undo all buckles and strap at the top of the boots. Pull tongue out and to the side to open the boot.
  2. While holding the tongue, brace the other hand at the top/rear of the boot. Slide your foot in. Flex your knee forward to settle your foot into the correct place.
  3. Grab tongue and tug up. Make sure nothing is bunched up. Push down on top of tongue.
  4. Secure but don’t tighten the top strap.
  5. Start with the buckles at the top leaving the buckles at the toe undone. Buckles should have a firm snap neither being easy or hard to close. Stand up and flex into your boots.
  6. Flex your shins forward and fasten the buckles at the toe. Redo straps and buckles. Do not overtighten to avoid cutting of circulation of blood flow.
  7. Do not overtighten to avoid cutting of circulation of blood flow. If the plastic distorts, it is too tight. One should not have to wrestle with them to close. Buckles have a lot of adjustment to ensure a solid closure.

Caring for your ski boots when you take them off?  

At the end of the day, bring them inside to warm up but do not put them near a heat source. You can also insert newspaper to wick moisture out or insert boot dryers. Do not use hair dryers as they are too hot and will damage the foam in liners. Avoid taking liners out. This will cause distortion of heel each time you put it back in. Never leave them unbuckled.

How should I store my ski boots at home?

Store your ski boots buckled neatly. Unbuckled boots stored long term will distort which will adversely affect the fit.

Follow this process and your ski boots should fit properly and increase the enjoyment of your time on the slopes. As always, if you have any questions, you can contact us at 727-576-4169 or email at