Finding the perfect SUP for me

May 30, 2014

I’m an employee here at Bill Jackson’s and over the years I have been getting more and more into the sport of Stand-Up Paddle boarding. Everyday I would come into work and drool over the wall of paddleboards we have. Last month I decided that enough was enough and I needed to buy myself a new paddle board. I did my research and talked to ALL of our paddle board experts here at Bill Jackson’s. In fact, I gave them a tricky criteria list for the perfect paddle board. I wanted a board big enough to not only fit myself but also my 80 pound Golden Retriever,  I wanted something light enough to carry and I wanted something that would be  durable. Continue reading to learn how to find the perfect SUP.

Finding the Perfect SUP

They all decided that I should try out the BIC Wing 12’6. It’s only 34 pounds which is remarkable for being such a lengthy board and the displacement bow on it makes the board fast and perfect for cruising. This board is also one of the most durable on the market. It’s fiberglass with a coat of polymer for protection. Lastly, when I tried the board out with my pup it worked perfectly, it was very stable which was surprising because it isn’t extremely wide.

perfect SUP

paddle standing, silhouette of man on the beach at sunset

I had finally found the perfect board for me!! I bought the board that week and brought it home. In addition, I am absolutely in love with my new BIC SUP and I now take every chance I can to get out on the water. If you too are thinking of purchasing a paddle board come on in and talk to our experts. They will help find the perfect SUP FOR YOU,  just like they did for me! 🙂