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3 Motivation Tips for a Healthier, Happier You

September 21, 2016

A recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention survey of Americans over age 50 reported one in four don’t participate in any physical activity at all outside of their regular work duties.

Studies and experts tout the many benefits exercise has for the heart, the mind, and the body overall. We know this. You know this.

Yet after a long day of work, most older Americans find hard to peel themselves off the couch for what, to many, just feels like more work.

But staying fit doesn’t have to be a chore; it should be fun! Here are three ways you can motivate yourself to put more pep in your step and build a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Dad and son having fun. Represents the benefits of outdoor activities 3 Motivation Tips

3 Motivation Tips:

Try something new

Exercise doesn’t have to be something as mundane as running on a treadmill. There are so many individual sports or hobbies that can be just as good for your health. The American Heart Association, for example, lists rollerblading as one sport that enhances the cardiovascular system by regulating heart rate and blood circulation. Paddling a kayak or standup paddleboard will strengthen your core, which in turn affects or posture and overall ability to move efficiently.  Take a look around any sporting goods store and you’ll see there’s something for everybody.

Feel fashionable

Whatever you decide to take up, you can feel cool doing it with the right adventure clothing. Not only will this help you feel comfortable (and look the part), but the right gear for a triathlon, kayaking, or rock climbing actually can help improve your performance and take you to new heights. It’s a wish investment to get outfitted properly.

Set a goal

And we don’t mean on the scale. Focusing on exercise solely as a means of weight loss isn’t the point. Instead, set a reasonable goal within your sport. Maybe you want to sign up for a 5K race. Maybe you hope to scale a certain climbing route by the end of the year. Having an achievable end goal gives you something to work toward and will keep you going back for more as you improve.

The beauty of exercise is that it doesn’t matter which kind you choose, so long as you choose to do it. Talk with a friendly expert in the field at your local sporting goods store if you need help or advice about where to start. You may just find yourself pursuing a new passion!

Hopefully these 3 motivation tips gears you up for success.

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