Store is now fully open, Sundays as well!

Offer from Chaco…

One of our vendors, Chaco, has reached out to us during these difficult times.  They know it is difficult for local stores.  Although we are now open to enter the store, some may want to continue staying home.  Chaco has generously offered to support us by the link attached to the promotional picture.  It will take you to their website from which you can purchase from their stock.  By using this link, you support our store as we get a commission for the sale.  If you choose to do so, we thank you for staying home and shopping local.


Passion for the Great Outdoors runs deep here at the Bill Jackson Shop for Adventure. Just like our founders, Mr. and Mrs. J, we like everything from the water to the woods. We dive, we fish, we paddle, we camp, we hike, we ski, we shoot. Like you, we love to play outside. In fact, we don’t call ourselves salespeople. We like to say we’re outdoors people. In fact, we are proud to say we are one of the top outdoor sporting goods stores in Florida.

Since 1946, Bill Jackson’s has been a premier Tampa Bay outdoor store. We’re not a big-box store. We’re independent, family-owned and operated from the beginning, when Bill Jackson started with a garage full of bleach and rat poison. Today, the Jacksons’ vision lives on, tucked in the woods off US Highway 19 N in Pinellas Park. From our indoor pool to our carpeted ski slope to our indoor shooting range, we’re here to help you chase your passions. We’ll show you what’s new, answer your questions, and help you plan and conquer your next adventure, making us one of the sporting goods stores Tampa Bay trusts most.

An often-told story that sums up Bill Jackson’s goes like this: A customer turned to a longtime employee and said, “I can go down the street and get this lantern $2 cheaper. Why should I buy it here?” Without missing a beat, the employee said, “Because we can show you how to light it.”

Bill Jackson’s Shop for Adventure sells the best outdoor adventure gear, apparel, and more in Pinellas Park, FL. Being one of the top outdoor sporting goods stores in Florida, we can fulfill all of your outdoor needs.