Collapsible cooksets for backpackers

Posted on: May 10, 2016

Backpackers are forever looking to save space inside their backpacks. Usually the cook pot is one of the bulkiest items in the pack. The answer in most cases is to stuff the pot with as much gear as possible, because no space can go to waste.

Think flat


Sea to Summit has a different take on space-saving cookware. The X-Pot is a collapsible pot, sporting a anodized aluminum base and heat-resist
ant silicone walls that go from about 2½ inches tall, folding down to about an inch. That makes it easy to tuck into any narrow slot in a backpack. There’s even a clear lid, complete with strainer, that nestles onto the rim. The X-Pot comes in 4-, 2.8- and 1.4-liter sizes, plus it’s BPA free.

Your collapsible cookset can be completed with the X-Cup and X-Mug, the X-Plate and X-Bowl, and now there’s even the X-Kettle. The 1.3-liter X-Kettle can be used as a cook pot or a small kettle for brewing your favorite tea on the trail. It comes with a lid, handles and a pouring spout.

The X-Pot and X-Kettle are designed to fit on a backpacking stove. Just take care to keep the flame centered, so it won’t touch the silicone walls.

By Rich Kenda


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