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Archery Equipment, Scuba Gear, and Other Fun Ways to Make Your Next Camping Trip Truly Special

April 21, 2016

Woman sitting inside tent by river

For millions of Americans, camping remains one of the best ways to leave behind the stresses of everyday life and spend quality time with loved ones. But some longtime or frequent campers fall into a routine during their trips, experiencing a sort of “camper’s fatigue.” Fear not, the remedy is no farther than your local outdoor retailer, a place filled with equipment and ideas to turn your next outing, and the ones after that, into truly exciting adventures.

About 84 percent of those who go camping participate in multiple outdoor activities, according to studies. So instead of using the same camping checklist when packing, add new types of equipment and include different activities into your trip planning.

The next time you’re browsing camping gear in an outdoor store, consider how fun it would be to try something new with your friends and family. Here are just a few of the many ways that you can turn your next camping trip into something extraordinary:

Archery equipment

Recreational surveys show Americans hunt about 228 million days per year combined, and archery has rapidly become one of the most popular options for both hunters and recreational shooters because it is perfect for camping vacations. Adults and children alike will enjoy learning the sport together, and there is archery equipment for beginners that can help you through the training process. A reputable outdoor retailer can guide you through the basic equipment needed and how to use it safely.

Scuba gear

If you’re camping near bodies of water, and you have a sense of adventure about what lies below the surface, try scuba diving or snorkeling. Divers and snorkelers experience a different world, teeming with new and interesting views and wildlife. The right equipment, properly sized (masks, wetsuits, fins, etc.) will enhance your underwater experience and keep it safe.

Paddle sports

Canoeing has long been a staple of outdoor adventure, but kayaking and standup paddleboarding have seen a surge in popularity as well, with people of all ages participating. Many a camper has wondered, “Where does this river go?” Well, with the right lightweight watercraft and paddle, you can be off discovering the answer for yourself. You could be gone for a couple hours, all day, or take a multiple-day trek.

Tent camping

Of course, there are many ways to sleep in the outdoors: from cabins, to RVs, to tents to hammocks. You could choose a campground complete with showers and facilities, or you could head into the backcountry for a primitive spot, maybe even one that has never been used before. So if you’ve been an RV or cabin camper, try “roughing it” in a tent for a weekend to get a different outdoor experience. A knowledgeable associate at an outdoor gear store can guide you through the pros and cons of the various styles of tents to suit the adventure you have planned.

You can tell your friends, you’re “going camping,” but there is no end to the list of activities that you can incorporate into the trip. Look for ways to make your next trip even better than the last. Check out your local outdoor store for this equipment and enjoy the endless possibilities of camping!