Adventure Clothing

What’s the Adventure Clothing Dress Code?

The way you dress for your outdoor adventure can be very important in determining your comfort level and overall well-being during your excursion. It goes without saying that how you dress for warm climates is different from how you dress for cooler ones, but consider the following tips in regards to adventure clothing in particular.

If your destination is dry and cold:

  1. Dress in layers. This is important in ensuring that you do not overheat. If you begin sweating in these conditions, you become more susceptible to hypothermia. Three layers is ideal for hiking in the winter.
  2. Do not wear cotton. Surprisingly, it is actually the worst clothing for winter since it loses its insulating capabilities when wet.
  3. Lace up good footwear. Opt for cotton socks to avoid the temptation of wearing multiple pairs. You should also wear waterproof shoes that are made of plastic or oiled leather.
  4. Bring hats and gloves. These will help keep your face and hands warm as needed, but make sure to change your gloves if they are wet. That is a frostbite disaster waiting to happen.
  5. Rule of thumb: keep everything dry, clean, and loose.

If your destination is hot and humid:

  1. Avoid dark colors. Black or dark clothing attracts the sun and traps heat in. Choose white and light colors for ideal comfort.
  2. Protect yourself from the sun. Adventure clothing is available in fabrics that actually repel or block out UV rays, so that is what you should wear to protect your skin.
  3. Dress modestly. Avoid clothes that could be considered inappropriate by other cultures. What seems normal to you may be too revealing to others you encounter on your outdoor adventure.
  4. Choose performance fabrics. Wear clothing that is made out of breathable and dry-fit materials for optimal comfort levels in warmer climates.

Some adventure gear brands that we recommend and carry in our store include:

  1. Exofficio
  2. Kühl
  3. Marmot
  4. Mountain Hardwear

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